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Quelles méthodes de rééducation buccale sont disponibles ? Il existe plusieurs méthodes et approches de la restauration dentaire, qui diffèrent les unes des autres par la manière de l’installation de la restauration et les matériaux utilisés. De plus, le choix du type de réhabilitation dépend de l’ampleur des dommages existants.
The root is the lower part of the tooth. It goes down to the jawbone and is concealed inside of the gums. Inside the root are root « canals, » located beneath both the root’s enamel coating and the dentin layer under it.
Sometimes, as an introductory step before mouth restoration techniques such as insertion of a dental implant, plastic surgery is needed on the jawbone, to refurbish and strengthen the bone.
Most visible defects in teeth, whether the blemish is genetic or acquired, can be covered up by aesthetic porcelain veneers.  The veneers conceal the blemishes and restore a beautiful and healthy smile.
Are you tired of always having to chew your food on just one side of your mouth?  Are you suffering from broken or cracked teeth?
If you have lost some of your teeth, and as a result you cannot chew as well as before, and your smile has suffered, too, dental implants are the most convenient and safe method of mouth restoration and replacement of missing teeth.