What you need to know before you undergo a dental implant

השתלת שיניים בירושלים

If you have lost some of your teeth, and as a result you cannot chew as well as before, and your smile has suffered, too, dental implants are the most convenient and safe method of mouth restoration and replacement of missing teeth.

What is a dental implant and how is it performed?  Implants are installed in the jawbone and replace the natural roots of the missing teeth. In contrast to the old methods that relied on still-present adjacent teeth, the implant technique restores the original, natural state where the chewing load is distributed evenly over each tooth. In addition, there is no need for the shaving of healthy teeth. The implants are inserted in the patient’s mouth in our sterile, latest state-of-the-art clinic.

The implants are made of titanium, a material whose properties are such that the body completely accepts the implant and there are no negative side-effects. In addition, the shape of the implant allows a stable grip on the jaw bone, so the new teeth last for many years.

Computerized Dental Implants –

In our clinic we perform implant treatments using advanced digital technologies, which include a three-dimensional scan of the oral cavity and construction of a computerized model of the teeth and gums. Based on the computer-produced model the dentist makes his diagnosis and decides upon the appropriate treatment, designing the implant. The technology reveals exactly where and how in the mouth the implant must be placed. We then produce an implant that is a precise fit for the structure of the patient’s mouth.

Our clinic emphasizes professionalism and safety, as all surgical interventions are performed by a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He possesses extensive clinical knowledge and experience. We know how to deal with even the most complex cases, such as where there is much gum deterioration and many teeth have long fallen out.

Immediate Usability

There is no need for a long rehabilitation period where patients suffer much inconvenience, going for several months before they have the use of their new teeth. On the contrary, at our clinic you receive your implant and enjoy the use of your teeth immediately. As a result you have no need to compromise on your normal eating habits or on aesthetic appearance. Your “rehabilitation” is immediate. Right away you comfortably continue with your regular eating habits, and you have your normal, nice smile and can talk as you always did.

Jaw rehabilitation using the All-On 6-8 method –

When there is a need to restore a number of adjacent teeth in a row, which requires complete restoration of the jaw, our clinic has the capability to accomplish this by means of between six and eight implants.

For such cases, the ALL-ON-6-8 method is the most successful method in Israel and around the world. The high success rates, speed and convenience are well-documented. In placing each implant, and with the help of the computer model, we select areas where the bone tissue has maintained its maximum density, which reduces to zero the risk of touching the sinuses and nerves. The implants can be produced for the upper jaw, the lower jaw or for both jaws together. We offer a variety of solutions for bone issues, depending on the examination and diagnosis by the doctor.

The clinic is also equipped with a latest-state-of-the-art laboratory that provides CT and panoramic x-rays, as well as other advanced technologies.

Restore your teeth, and thereby regain for yourself a higher quality of life!

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